Notice to customers

Company Viditech has for the present unverified information, that unknown culprit contacts customers of Viditech company and offers them variants of Viditech devices. We are warning all customers, that variants of devices, which differs from devices listed on Viditech Eshop are probably stolen or piracy.

Help us protect out patents

In 2011 we developed Vibrologger. The firm Bruel & Kjaer Vibro (BKV) with which we had a contract for development instruments with Digital Signal Processor (DSP)... read more

Viditech and Brüel & Kjær Vibro

Why BKV and Viditech instruments are similar.

In 2008 we signed a contract for future contract with the president of BKV... read more

Welcome to the official website of ViDiTech s.r.o.

A company with long experience focuses on the production of equipment for vibrodiagnostics machine fault detection and analysis of the vibrational spectrum.

We supply equipment for online monitoring of machines, vibration sensor, including hand portable design and software.

ViDiTech 2500 AP/CV/RV/VSLF


- online vibration monitor

- easy to use

- high accuracy

- ModBus, Ethernet communication

- postmortem data saving to SD card

- FFT analysis

- firmaware updates (possible to change device type AP, CV, RV)

- more

ViDiTech Vibrodiag


- portable device for measuring vibrations

- touchscreen

- measuring places support

- USB connection

- dual plane balancing

- long battery life

- more